Launch Party for SKIVVIES by For Love and Lemons

for love and lemons skivvies launch party

Last night, For Love and Lemons, the brand that makes makes lace look ridiculously modern and sexy (a la Sofia Vergara and Ashley Tisdale), had a launch party for their new lingerie line SKIVVIES. I was so excited to be able to attend, and the collection didn’t disappoint! I only have a handful of lace pieces in my wardrobe, but trust me, I will have a whole bunch more soon!

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Welcome to Barcelona


Want to know something that I’m quite proud of? I managed to pack all of my belongings for my spanish extrevaganza into a single carry-on bag. That’s a record for me!!! (The key was only 3 pairs of flat sandals)

Anyway, after flying through the night and having to start my day by rolling off of a plane, I was only willing to wear extremely comfortable clothes. Jersey harem pants, a basic tank, and flat shoes were by immediate go-to for a busy day seeing Barcelona on foot (not 100% true… we did end up taking one taxi ride).

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Lettin’ loose – pockets ‘n’ boots


There is nothing I love more than a loose tank and shorts during the summer when I’m out and about. Although, I think that these shorts, a unique creation by Mai Morimoto of Lungta de Fancy, are pretty far from ordinary summer shorts… they have amazing external pockets and elastic bloomer-like detailing.

(They are definitely one of those “’til death do us part” purchases!)

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Off to the airport!

airport traveling

There are a few things that I keep in mind when I dress for air travel. To me they seem completely normal, when I tell other people, they think I’m nuts for thinking these things…

  1. Jersey knits are your best friend since they don’t wrinkle!
  2. Low heels or flats since you’ll be doing a lot of walking (obviously). And since I’m a bit wary of other people’s germs/plagues/cooties, I always wear shoes with socks for going through security (nothing like walking barefoot where everyone else has…)
  3. Hair pulled back, or a hat to cover it up since it tends to get static-y
  4. And of course, you’ll probably want a jacket in case the guy next to you likes the AC on full blast.

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Happy 4th of July!

4th of july at hotel wilshire

Happy 4th of July from Hotel Wilshire! The firework sightings weren’t great, but the company more than made up for it. Generally I consider BCBG prices to be “credit”-worthy, but this romper was purchased at a sample sale and I figured the Forever 21 blazer and Ross clutch balanced it out. I can already tell that my  rating system is going to get tricky sometimes…

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