Brunch with the girls!

green asos texture skirt

This Asos skirt is one of my favorites – the weave and slight sheen of the material gives it an expensive look. Since it’s summer, I’m showing a hint of skin with a fitted crop top to offset the high waist and flared skirt.

GreenAsosTextureSkirt_IMG_1617 GreenAsosTextureSkirt_IMG_1670_E GreenAsosTextureSkirt_IMG_1685 GreenAsosTextureSkirt_IMG_1702

Asos skirt (quick! get it on clearance here!)
Forever 21 high neck crop top (old)
Zara metallic heel leather sandals (old)
Asos scalloped leather tote (here)
Forever 21 gold and ribbon bib necklace
Forever 21 cat eye sunglasses (here)

Thank you Adam for the photos!

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