Spring Came Early


How can people still deny global warming? It’s over 80 degrees in the first week of March. That being said, I took advantage by busting out all of my latest warm-weather sale finds (80% off, anyone?) and heading to Alfred’s to cool off with my favorite thing ever… boba. Oh, and if you have the shopping bug, read on for some of the best sales I’ve come across lately.

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Uniqlo Urban Military Spring Campaign


Hi! If any of you are on Uniqlo’s mailing list, you may have spotted me! I was lucky enough to get to model a look from their Urban Military Spring 2017 campaign, so I just wanted to share some of the photos!

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Friday Rainbows


It’s the day when I finally put on my new studded flats and let those perfect pale pink leather soles touch the ground. For the money, you would think they’d feel ah-mazing on your feet out of the box, but no, even $$$ luxury flats need breaking in (but they’re colorful and they make me happy!!!). :D

If you see someone holding up traffic downtown today because they take too long crossing the street, you’ll know it’s me. I shall tread very carefully…

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