My Top 10 Swimwear Picks

People frequently ask me where I shop for swimwear since I’m picky about the cut, support, color, trend, etc. They’re also often afraid that they’re all by high-end designers, but I actually don’t like to spend much on swimsuits since I generally get tired of them after one or two seasons. So here’s a roundup of my favorite one pieces and bikinis that you can get for this sunny season!

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Extreme [New] Home Makeover: Party Edition

You move into a new house and [stupidly] promise your daughter that you’d throw her a birthday party with all of her friends and family (42 people!!!) in two weeks. What do you do? For me, the answer was simple: have extremely labor-intensive evenings/weekends and do a ton of bargain furniture/decor shopping.

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Spring Came Early


How can people still deny global warming? It’s over 80 degrees in the first week of March. That being said, I took advantage by busting out all of my latest warm-weather sale finds (80% off, anyone?) and heading to Alfred’s to cool off with my favorite thing ever… boba. Oh, and if you have the shopping bug, read on for some of the best sales I’ve come across lately.

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A Farfetch 4th of July


I had actually been brainstorming for my 4th of July post (it marks Catching Couture’s three year anniversary!) when Farfetch reached out to me about their latest competition asking bloggers to creatively style stars and stripes. I’m always up for a good challenge, so here we go…

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