Welcome to Barcelona


Want to know something that I’m quite proud of? I managed to pack all of my belongings for my spanish extrevaganza into a single carry-on bag. That’s a record for me!!! (The key was only 3 pairs of flat sandals)

Anyway, after flying through the night and having to start my day by rolling off of a plane, I was only willing to wear extremely comfortable clothes. Jersey harem pants, a basic tank, and flat shoes were by immediate go-to for a busy day seeing Barcelona on foot (not 100% true… we did end up taking one taxi ride).

As a huge fan of architecture, my top sightseeing priorities were seeing Antoni Gaudí’s unbelieveable designs. I didn’t make it to Park Güell, but I did go to La Sagrada Família, Casa Batlló, and Casa Milà (where these pictures were taken). Can you believe people actually live in the building??? Even better, it’s located in a prime shopping area!

Forever21HaremPants DerekLamChambrayJacket HmChainNecklace

One of my last stops of the day (right around the corner from my hotel) was at chök The Chocolate Kitchen. They had an incredible assortment of artisan donuts as well as the best chocolate-dipped churros I’ve ever had! Chök, you will be missed…


Evening view from my hotel patio overlooking La Rambla.


Forever 21 harem pants
Forever 21 tank (here)
Derek Lam for DesigNation jacket (here)
Kelsi Dagger sandals (here)
Cole Haan crossbody purse (in red here)
H&M thick chain necklace
H&M sunglasses

Thank you Adam for the photos!

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