San Sebastián – Day 1


Grabbed a quick breakfast at Mercat de la Boqueria and did the scenic 5.5 hour drive across the country to San Sebastián. We didn’t arrive until later in the evening, so we didn’t have much time before dark to take photos!

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Welcome to Barcelona


Want to know something that I’m quite proud of? I managed to pack all of my belongings for my spanish extrevaganza into a single carry-on bag. That’s a record for me!!! (The key was only 3 pairs of flat sandals)

Anyway, after flying through the night and having to start my day by rolling off of a plane, I was only willing to wear extremely comfortable clothes. Jersey harem pants, a basic tank, and flat shoes were by immediate go-to for a busy day seeing Barcelona on foot (not 100% true… we did end up taking one taxi ride).

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