¡Hola Olite!


About half an hour from Pamplona is a medieval town called Olite. The massive Castle of Olite was built during the 13th and 14th centuries and made for an interesting visit and a great playground for photo-taking.

BlumarineDress BlumarineDress_fullbody BlumarineDress_detail BlumarineDress_back hair

Blumarine silk dress
BCBG Devony sandals
Cole Haan crossbody purse (in red here)
Earrings from Lab3
H&M sunglasses

Thank you Adam for the photos!

3 responses

    • It’s pretty easy actually! Just do two regular french braids going back (fastened with rubberbands). Then loop them like a pretzel, tuck the ends in, and secure with bobby pins!

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