Spring Came Early


How can people still deny global warming? It’s over 80 degrees in the first week of March. That being said, I took advantage by busting out all of my latest warm-weather sale finds (80% off, anyone?) and heading to Alfred’s to cool off with my favorite thing ever… boba. Oh, and if you have the shopping bug, read on for some of the best sales I’ve come across lately.

Stuff is going quickly, so shop aggressively…

Top 5 Sales Worth Browsing Now:

  1. Yoox
  2. Shopbop (they are doing the “Buy more, save more” promo… plus I like that you can filter by % off. I like to go straight to the 70%+section!)
  3. Avenue32 (serious luxury stuff for up to 80% off)
  4. Farfetch 
  5. Amazon (now is the time to stock up on boots)

And off you want a super super bargain, you can catch the tail end of Zara‘s sale, where they pretty much give stuff away for free. ;)

dsc02747 dsc02811

Have you ever seen succulent pins?!? They were the most unbelievably unique/awesome gift from my neighbor to Addison for Christmas. Is it sad that I stole them?

dsc02773 dsc02786 dsc02832 dsc02834

Zara shirt
Closed jeans
Barney shoes (similar here, here, and here)
Maison Martin Marginal x H&M clutch
Succulent pin
Karen Walker sunglasses


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