When I initially heard that Victoria Beckham was Target’s next collab, I was beyond excited. But then when the lookbook dropped a couple months later, I was left stumped. Largely disappointed, and quite confused by the mixed bag of looks. I did shop it that morning (I got a little caught up in the excitement and had to do a ton of returns after trying things on), but I didn’t buy nearly as much as I did for the 3.1 Phillip Lim collection.

Now, two weeks later, the frenzy has died down. So… what’s the verdict?

Here’s my assessment:


  • Wide range of sizes (baby, toddler, girls, womens, plus)
  • Love that it includes some child-mom matching dresses
  • Some looks are straight from the Victoria Victoria Beckham collection (same styles as her $600+ dresses)


  • Orange. Not the most versatile color (or most universally flattering), but the collection has lots of it.
  • A lot of the dresses/skirts are just a hair too short to wear to work. And if you’re tall, forget about it. You can probably only pull off the long-sleeved dress.
  • 70s. I’m just not into those florals. But that’s just me.

So, what did I buy? I got the shirtdress (a no-brainer), the petal car wash skirt, and a handful of kids pieces. Yes, kids. If you are under ~5’7/125lbs, you can probably pull off a girls XL without it looking strange or short. Hard to believe, but that is how I was able to be Addison’s yellow twin at Easter in my favorite piece from the entire collection, the cloque ruffle a-line dress.

A couple other pieces that I also liked from the womens collection were the drop waist dress and the scallop-trim pocket mini skirt.

Overall, I’m glad there was the kids collection since it had some of the best items. I think that yellow dress is going to be on wardrobe rotation through spring and summer!

FullSizeRender 19

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