My Lashfully Experience

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Ever think about getting lash extensions? Well, it just so happens that today marks the end of my second week with my lash extensions from Lashfully in Beverly Hills. I figured it made more sense to take them for a test drive before writing about them since, well, application and initial results are just the beginning. You probably want to know how long they last, how they feel, how much I like them, etc. So here we go…

The application process was much easier that I was expecting. They estimate 90 minutes, but I was in and out of there in an hour (perhaps it takes 90 minutes if you have a ton of lashes). I laid down on the cushy bed and kept my eyes closed the entire time (like a facial, but without the pain) while the lashes were individually adhered to my real lashes. I opted for a natural look (I told them that I’d like to look “subtly flirtier but not like I’m wearing false lashes”) but you can choose from a range of styles in their before and after lookbook. Then I sat for about 5 minutes with a fan blowing on them to help the adhesive dry. There was a tiny bit of burning when I prematurely opened my eyes to look in the mirror, but other than that, it’s a relatively painless and easy process. As for upkeep and maintaining them, just don’t get them wet for the first 24 hours and avoid using oil-based products & waterproof mascara on them.

Fast forward two weeks. One side is 100% perfect (oddly, the side that I sleep on), the other side is looking a bit more “worn.” The day after they were applied, I trimmed one down because the hair flipped upside down and the lash was curling into my eye – not a big deal since you couldn’t even tell it was missing after. Today I notice one is flipping up a little strangely. Not worth cutting off yet, but perhaps soon. Other than that, I am still super happy with them. I save a lot of time getting ready in the morning because the lashes thicken the lash line and make eyes look more defined, so I skip eyeliner altogether. I even skip mascara most days since I don’t feel the need to thicken them (plus I figure removing mascara each night will only decrease their lifespan).

There is an option to do lash touch-ups after a couple weeks to extend their [approximately 3 week] lifespan. Though I’d love to, I’m not sure I will opt for it since it runs $75 for a 45-minute session and having a baby due next month makes you rethink spending. But I could easily see people wanting to maintain the look and save the time on makeup application every morning. (In case you’re wondering, initial application of a full set of lash extensions is $150 and a half set, which is like doing every-other lash, costs $95) All in all, are they an investment? Yes. But do they look great? Yes.

Hm… maybe I do want to feel pretty for my post-birth photos. They will be widely-shared amongst friends and family and I may want to look subtly flirtier…  :)

Where I went:
421 N. Rodeo Drive, Suite A4
Beverly Hills, CA 9010


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