FWLA: LA Fashion Council


To kick off Fashion Week LA, I went to support and check out LA’s local design talent at the first day of LA Fashion Council‘s shows at Maker City (in The Reef downtown). I saw L’Enfant Terrible, Sania Josiah, and William Bradley, but unfortunately had to leave before Stella Proseyn, Sauri, and Odylyne went on. Needless to say, I saw some great looks.

L’Enfant Terrible was the most edgy of the bunch, with a monochrome color palette and lots of skin…

L'Enfant Terrible LAFCSS15 photo-6

Then Sania Josiah, the winner of Open Runway, showcased her collection that featured a great sheer cut-out dress…

Sania Josiah LAFCSS15 photo-8

And my final show of the day was William Bradley, which, I must say, really impressed me. It was a very comprehensive collection that ranged from tailored sportswear (think Proenza Schouler but with more asymmetric peplums) to BCBG-esque dresses to some really amazing tulle pieces with hand stitched feathers.

William Bradley LAFCSS15 photo-4 William Bradley LAFCSS15 photo-9


There were so many pieces that I would wear as-is, including this killer skirt…

William Bradley LAFCSS15 photo-3

Here’s a pic of my sitting with fellow blogger Amanda from Feast Fashion Faves.

Fashion Bloggers Amanda Nguyen of Feast Fashion Faves and Michelle Forstadt of Catching Couture

All in all, it was a great way to kick of FWLA… seeing such promising new talent and getting a chance to catch up with friends!

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