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This is one of my LAFW outfits which involved a lot of layering for the fickle weather (when the sun is shining it’s 74, and when the clouds come five minutes later, it’s 64!). It suited me perfectly since I was constantly going from indoors to outdoors and back in again!

All of these layers (with the exception of my leather jacket) were great “cash” purchases that have become staples in my wardrobe. But I have to say, a good-quality leather jacket is one splurge-worthy investment piece since you can wear almost every day and it’ll last forever if you take care of it!

LAFW look Edun leather jacket Joe Fresh mixed print gingham flannel Phillip Lim for Target top handle crossbody yellow

I’m not much of a manicure person (I generally prefer to paint my own rather than go somewhere to get them done), but I had to have the nail masters at the Nail Swag and Britney Tokyo booth work their magic to turn my plain polish into a work of art between the LAFC shows!

nails dolce vita for target ankle boots

Forever 21 crop top (also worn here)
Joe Fresh mixed-print shirt (here)
Edun leather jacket (Yes, this is the reason for the ‘+’… though I got it super marked down on Gilt)
Asos bleach wash jeans
Dolce Vita for Target ankle boots
Phillip Lim for Target purse
On lips: Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate lipstick (a fun orangey-red… you can still get it here)

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