It stands for Fast Fashion Frock. I recently had a discussion with a friend about fast fashion (this friend, who works in the fashion industry, is well on his way to becoming a “luxury designer super snob” though we both had similar modest Japanese-in-greater-LA upbringings). If he knew that I was wearing Forever 21 and H&M while we were sipping our super snob drinks at Urth Cafe (which, I won’t lie, I LOVE), he probably would have left me there. But while I appreciate the aesthetics and superb quality of Louis Vuitton and Louboutins, I am a huge fan of the H&Ms and Zaras of the world because, while they may not last a lifetime and are made overseas in mass quantities, they are on-trend and affordable for the masses.

This dress was $19.99. How can you hate on that?!?

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