Vote. Then Work.


I should have worn a red, white, and blue ensemble. Or I should have worn red, white, and blue outfits leading up to today. If only I could pick up my phone and get Ralph Lauren to dress me…

I generally dislike “work pants”. Most are solid colors, not cut to be flattering, and without any particular personality. I stumbled across these pants while speed walking through a store to get to the children’s section (you know, so that I didn’t stop to buy anything for myself) and I stopped for them for two reasons: First off, they are a unique color. A unique-yet-versatile shade of orangey olive tan. Secondly, they have grosgrain ribbon accents at the waist and along the sides in a vibrant red that soften the  structured cotton. I am such a sucker for little details like that, so I quickly slipped them into shopping bag and quickly corrected my course. Back to shopping for the little one!
michelle-forstadt-catching-couture-zara-trousers-with-side-band co-collection-tie-neck-shirt-blousemichelle-baba-catching-couture-co-collective-bow-neck-blouse stella-luna-pour-anthony-vaccarello-pumps-catching-couture meredith-wendell-silk-rope-bracelet

Co Collections top
Zara pants
Stella Luna for Anthony Vaccarello shoes
Kate Spade bag (similar here)
Meredith Wendell bracelet

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