That Ross Moment

zara faux leather skirt with hem details

I kind of had a Ross moment with this outfit. Not Ross as in the awesomely-horrific discount store, but Ross as in Friends, the sitcom.

Remember that episode where he is stuck in the bathroom after his tight leather pants get stuck around his ankles? Well, I had just taken my daughter to the park (in the “classic mom uniform” of yoga pants and a tank) and had to change into work clothes in the car. So I parked and thought I could do it quickly in the front seat. Terrible idea. Ends up this skirt is quite the challenge when in a hot car (who would’ve thought since it’s an a-line???). Anyway, my new car doesn’t have tinted windows yet… lots of puzzled looks… you get where I’m going with this. At least I didn’t have to resort to paste-pants! :D

gap blue linen trench coat catching couture michelle forstadt alexis bittar encrusted fox cocktail ring banana repulic audrey huarache oxford black and white kenneth cole madison tote gap denim trench

Gap trench coat
Gossip blouse
Zara skirt (similar here)
Banana Republic shoes
Kenneth Cole bag
Alexis Bittar ring

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