My Weekend Pillow Feet

catching couture lamo moccasins marina stingray

After running around all week in heels, I am so thankful to have a comfy, dressed-down weekend. This always involves a cozy top and flats – but this weekend I’m taking a step further and going for my sheepskin-lined leather moccasins. You should try it… your feet will thank you!

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Little girl, big clip

Zara butterfly shorts_homepage

Back in Calfornia! These shorts were a Zara find in San Sebastián on sale for only €12! (about $16 US). I liked the mix of the casual drawstring waist with the super feminine print.

Now let’s talk shorts…

A lot of people tend to go for shorts that hit at least a few inches above the knee (thinking that shorter is better so that “stumpiness” is avoided). But longer shorts can be just as flattering if paired with neutral heels that instantly elongate legs (same goes for pointed pumps!). Though black shoes would have been an easy color match with my outfit, shoes in darker colors tend to draw more attention and can have a slightly shortening effect if they don’t have pointy toes, so beware with longer hemlines!

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