Uniqlo Urban Military Spring Campaign


Hi! If any of you are on Uniqlo’s mailing list, you may have spotted me! I was lucky enough to get to model a look from their Urban Military Spring 2017 campaign, so I just wanted to share some of the photos!

catching-couture-michelle-forstadt-uniqlo-urban-military-spring-2017-womens-ultra-stretch-high-rise-ankle-jeans uniqlo-men-military-work-long-sleeve-shirt-olive michelle-forstadt-uniqlo-urban-mens-military-work-long-sleeve-shirt-spring-2017 delicate-gold-jewelry-mens-military-shirt

I don’t actually have a lot of Uniqlo in my closet, but the second I put on these jeans, I knew I was going to have to stock up on them. If you want to check them out, links below…

Uniqlo shirt
Uniqlo jeans
Zara boots
Stylist’s own accessories

Photos courtesy of Uniqlo

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