Friday Rainbows


It’s the day when I finally put on my new studded flats and let those perfect pale pink leather soles touch the ground. For the money, you would think they’d feel ah-mazing on your feet out of the box, but no, even $$$ luxury flats need breaking in (but they’re colorful and they make me happy!!!). :D

If you see someone holding up traffic downtown today because they take too long crossing the street, you’ll know it’s me. I shall tread very carefully…

lucca-couture-ceci-dress lucca-couture-jumper-dress-halston-heritage-baby-satchel fendi-rainbow-studded-flats catching-couture-lucca-couture

Lucca Couture dress
Worthington top (it was like… $12 at!)
Fendi shoes
Halston Heritage bag
Meredith Wendell bracelet
Alexis Bittar necklace

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