Wrappers Delight


Pom poms! Holidays! Wrapping! Origami! Animals! Ribbon!

There is something about pom poms that just seem right for the holidays. Perhaps because they resemble snowballs, or russian tea cookies (mmm… my favorite!), but when StyleWe sent me this amazing pom pom cardigan, I knew I’d be wearing it to my holiday lunch. I paired it with some skinny jeans (since it’s not super form-fitting), patent pumps, and an equally-playful ring.

michelle-forstadt-stylewe-sikya-pom-pom-cardigan-christian-louboutin-patent-pumps-stiletto stylewe-sikya-pom-pom-casual-knitted-buttoned-cardigan

Ah yes… can we please take a moment to talk about holiday wrapping?
(I am semi-obsessed with gift wrapping)

Each year I try to find the cutest/quirkiest-but-still-budget-friendly holiday paper (this year is Christmas tacos and festive llamas in case you were wondering) and I try to come up with an interesting wrapping theme or technique. One year was recycled kraft  paper with neon grosgrain ribbon, another year was penguin-themed gift wrap, then I had a year with only newspaper and red satin ribbon, etc.

So earlier this month, I brought out my box of grosgrain ribbon and decided I wanted to have the most intricate Ribbonesia-inspired packages. I figured, “I like origami, I like artsy projects, I enjoy a good challenge, I have countless hours to waste on tedious tasks…”

Anyway, I have no idea how many I will end up creating, giving, or hoarding for myself, but here are photos of two of my favorites so far:

grosgrain-ribbon-deer-ribbonesia-origami-ribbon-gift-wrap-ideas grosgrain-ribbon-bird grosgrain-ribbon-bird-on-gift-creative-wrapping-ideas-ribbonesia

In case I start my holiday break a little early and don’t post again before Christmas, I hope you all have a very merry holiday season with your loved ones! See you in 2017!




Sikya cardigan c/o StyleWe
Forever 21 jeans
Christian Louboutin shoes
Rebecca Minkoff bag
Tarina Tarantino ring
Sally Hansen nail wraps

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