Gingham = Summer


Gingham is just the ultimate summer pattern. You can practically wear your picnic cloth and still look perfectly daytime chic because it really is that effortless and easy to wear.

For that reason exactly, I had been eyeing this oversized cotton drop-waist jumpsuit and I pounced on it when it was marked down (don’t worry, it’s still available in plenty of sizes!). What I love about it most is that I can wear it with anything from oxfords to strappy sandals to these minimalist ankle boots. And to tame the extra-wide silhouette and look a little more polished for meetings, I cinched it with a wide suede belt. Easy!

asos white oversized gingham jumpsuit asos white gingham jumpsuit zara white ankle boots asos gingham jumpsuit mac rebel lipstick zara white ankle boots plaid gingham pants michelle forstadt catching couture asos white gingham jumpsuit

Asos jumpsuit
Zara boots (similar here and here)
Vintage bag
Alzare belt

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