The WTF Dress


There are multiple reasons for the name of today’s post…

  1. It’s the most bizarre dress I’ve ever been tempted to purchase – scuba fabric with a gigantic colorful, carpet-like poodle appliqué sewn on front.
  2. I had to wait one month for this dress to arrive. Granted it was coming straight from China, but still, express shipping was only supposed to be 3-7 days. I even checked in with customer service and they “thanked me for prompting them to ship it more quickly”… two and a half weeks after I purchased it.
  3. It arrived and was completely different colors than shown on the website. I NEVER buy anything with both red and green unless it’s for the holidays. Ugh.

This is what I got. A red and grey dress with a red, green, cream, and black poodle…

sheinside cartoon dog dress

This is the dress I thought I was buying…


…orange and grey with a much more pleasantly-colored poodle.  :(

sheinside cartoon dog dress forever 21 geometric cateye sunglasses dusty pink sheinside cartoon dog dress 3

I had to take one shot through the fish eye mirror on the wall…

sheinside cartoon dog dress parking garage mirror fisheye lens

Sheinside dress (if you dare…)
Zara shoes
Target bag (similar here)
Forever 21 sunglasses

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