eBaying The Bay


A few days ago I posted about consignment shopping. Today I’m featuring the thrifty shopper’s other best friend… eBay. Ever since I spotted my first Hudson’s Bay coat, I knew I was destined to own something with the iconic Canadian stripes. Only problem was that the styles that I loved so much were made in the 60s and 70s… and that’s where eBay is so amazing.

You can find anything on eBay – from a brand new copy of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 1, to a box of 500 “gently-used” Hot Wheels, to the 50-year-old vintage jacket from another country that I sought. And what’s great is that most of the time, you are going to get an unbeatable deal. Even these statement over-the-knee boots were a brand new eBay steal at just $46! Just keep these few things in mind when eBaying:

  1. Factor in the cost of shipping and dry cleaning (you have no idea where that vintage jacket has been!)
  2. When buying vintage, always double check the measurements or request them if they are not listed
  3. Be aware of the sellers return policy (most private sellers do not accept returns)
  4. eBay has a good customer satisfaction policy, but I also prefer to pay with Paypal for extra security and reassurance
  5. Always bid the maximum that you are willing to pay for the item, especially if there is little time left in the auction. There is nothing worse than losing by $.50!

Have any other eBay tips? Feel free to comment and share!

vintage hudsons bay company wool jacket coat dolce vita eva over the knee buckle boots hudsons bay wool striped coat dolce vita otk boots halston heritage green baby satchel hudsons bay company coat halston heritage green baby satchel purse

Hudson’s Bay jacket (search eBay to find a similar vintage one, or check out the new womens and mens styles)
Levi’s jeans
Asos sweater
Dolce Vita boots (similar here)
Halston Heritage bag

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