If I were a superhero…

Catching Couture_Cesar Arellanes 1

…this is what I’d wear to save people from fashion disasters.

This dress moves like a dream. It shows a nice amount of leg and gives just a hint of cleavage, but the cape-like┬ápanels that drape at the back make it EPIC. Cesar Arellanes, the mastermind/designer behind my super suit, is probably best known for being Kelly Clarkson’s to-go guy. But Cesar, when I make it to the red carpet one day, don’t worry, I’ll be calling you too.

Catching Couture_Cesar Arellanes 3 Catching Couture_Cesar Arellanes 2

Catching Couture_Cesar Arellanes 1

Cesar Arellanes dress (I found this in the designer section at Wasteland! – shop his dresses here)
Zara shoes
Duro Olowu for JCP cuff
H&M ring

Photography: Taylor Kent
Photography Assistant: Nick Weber
Hair/Makeup: Meagan Schmitz

You can also check out the BTS video here!

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