4 Shades of Denim

catching couture zara tiger sweatshirt zara combination patchwork jeans

I didn’t like denim as a child – I thought it was too restrictive and the seams felt uncomfortable! (But how could you blame me… I grew up wearing leggings every day because I was too scrawny to wear pants without elastic waists!). Fast forward 20+ years and here I am wearing denim on denim. Not sure what happened, but I know the lovely shades of blue now have a permanent spot in my wardrobe.

Half of this outfit is from the magical Spanish retailer, Zara. Zara is one of those stores where you have to spring on sale items because markdowns only happen a few times per year and things sell out extremely fast (so strange to me since I am used to retail stores always having a clearance section!). During Zara’s last big end-of-summer sale, I scooped up this tiger sweatshirt and slouchy jeans for $20 each and the purse for $40. Not too bad!

catching couture zara sweatshirt zara jeans zara studded barrel bag dkny shoes

catching couture kiss sunglasses zara sweatshirt

catching couture zara sweatshirt

catching couture dkny sporty pumps heels

Zara sweatshirt (similar here or here)
Volcom chambray shirt (similar here)
Zara combination jeans (similar here)
DKNY heels
Zara bag (Alexander Wang’s “credit” version here)
Gap leather belt
KISS sunglasses

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