Throwback Thursday: A Little 80s Love

BCBG striped silk dress

This is definitely not an 80s outfit, but today’s one-earring look is inspired by Billie Jean Davy of the epic Legend of Billie Jean (I know this post is making all those 80s fans happy).

No, I’m not the badass older sister of Christian Slater who goes after the guys who bully him, but there is something about the asymmetric jewelry that makes me feel a little tougher… even when dancing around in my ladylike silk dress and heels.  :)

Here’s my Billie Jean look:
Throwback Thursday 80s earring Forever 21 earring BCBG silk striped dress BCBG silk striped dress H&M colorblock purse Forever21 long arrowhead earring Diane Von Furstenberg DVF Aphrodite Sandals

BCBG dress
Diane Von Furstenberg Aphrodite sandals (sorry, only size 6 is available here)
H&M purse
Forever 21 earring
H&M bracelet

2 responses

  1. Great post
    I really like your handbag. I love straight lines like that.
    I can’t wait for the colder weather clothes.
    Keep up the fun blog. I look forward to it.

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