Neighborhood watch


While we were taking these photos, a guy pulled over and asked us if they were to advertise the new Fiat. No clue where that came from, because 1) I wasn’t standing next to my car and 2) the Fiat was covered in dirt and completely unacceptable looking.

Anyway, do you remember the store Steve and Barry’s? They were famous for the $15 Stephon Marbury basketball shoes and then followed that success with other celebrity lines with the likes of Venus Williams and Amanda Bynes (when she was still cute). I got this denim jacket (a part of SJP’s collection) for $5 right before the stores disappeared forever. Rest in peace, Steve and Barry’s. You and your incredibly-priced collaborations will be missed.

forever21skirt1 forever21skirt2 headshot PennantNecklace RebeccaMinkoffSandals

Forever 21 striped pleated skirt (here)
Forever 21 ribbed tank top (here)
Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker denim jacket
Rebecca Minkoff ‘Matty’ sandals (here)
Street Level purse (also shown here and here)
Asos pennant flag necklace

Thank you Adam for the photos!

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