Holiday Wishlist Ideas


I have an outrageously-unattractive laptop bag that I bought for $30 while in college. I got so used to taking it to work with me, I never once questioned it… until Adam saw me pick it up on my way out the door and mentioned that it ruined “my look”. Sad face. Thus I started hunting for one that I’d be proud to tote around…

Anyway, if you’re like me and you’re working on wish lists for the fam or trying to drop hints for your significant others, perhaps my list may be of some inspiration to you. Bonus points since most of these are steeply marked down!

  1. Statement draped necklace
  2. Translucent pink sunnies
  3. Striped wool jacket
  4. Pom pom ankle boots
  5. Statement bodycon skirt (looks great with or without tights!)
  6. Convertible kitty gloves/mittens
  7. Dope running shoes (also a classy lace version here!)
  8. Floral laptop bag & Leather laptop bag
  9. Platform oxfords

Thoughts? Any particular ones that you like? Any great items I’m missing out on???

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