Favorite Finds: 12 Things Under $10 That Take Kid Cuteness to Another Level


Kids are just about always cute. But sometimes the smallest accessories or details on their clothing make them even more ridiculously adorable. Now that Christmas music is playing on the radio, I am in full holiday spirit and literally combing the ends of the internet looking for gifts until I pass out on the sofa each night. I often come across adorable things for kids that I save in my shopping bag for a rainy day (or for it to go on sale). But in case you’re shopping for a little one, I thought I’d share. Here are some of my favorites… and even better, all under $10 so they make amazingly affordable gifts and stocking stuffers!

Let me start off by saying – Target’s Cat & Jack line is killing it. It may have replaced Circo (that made Addison’s beloved $6 moto jeggings) and is about 15% more expensive, but it is so well designed and caters to parents (like me) who can’t help but buy their kids things things with adorable animal details, on-trend colors, and whimsical pom poms. That being said, I’m sorry multiple things listed are from Target. H&M and Zara also round out the list with great bargain accessories.

  1. Llama/Alpaca beanie and mitten set
  2. Gift-shaped cross body bag
  3. Knit bow scarf (I ended up buying this for Addison!)
  4. Glitter star and tulle hair clips
  5. Fluffy monster sweater with sequins
  6. Fox beanie and mitten set (says girls but definitely unisex)
  7. Over the knee raccoon and fawn socks (that Addison wore here)
  8. Velvet bow tie (so on trend!)
  9. Lamb bandana
  10. Dino sippy cup
  11. Zipper monster shirt
  12. Penguin cross body bag

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