Smart Online Shopping: Introducing!


Here is one of my shopping secrets…

After dinner, I find myself on the sofa, iPad in lap, searching the ends of the ecommerce world (see some of my finds here). The past two years, I have been a serial bookmarker – I bookmarked EVERY item I liked online that I didn’t want to forget about! But since discovering, I have changed my online shopping ways…

Rather than bookmarking all of the items I want (but need to go on sale in order to justify buying), I add them to my Poach it list. Then, when the items are marked down on the site, Poach it sends me an email showing the new marked-down price, the percent saved, and sometimes even coupon codes for the site.

Email alerts look like this:Poach It Email Alert

Unfortunately, I didn’t buy that See By Chloe purse (because, at the end of the day, it was still $400), but you get my point. is like magic for every online shopper!

You can learn more about it or join the club here!

3 responses

  1. Michelle love the blog and the pics (but really how hard it is for Adam to take good pics of you?) Poach it is awesome! Just added it to my bookmark bar!

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