My Philosophy

The Wardrobe Diet for Investment Piece Bliss

Summer seems like the perfect time to start something new. Welcome to Catching Couture, my fashion and style project where I show ways that a high fashion look can be achieved on a modest budget.

I created a very general 3-tier rating system for the cost of outfits: cash ($), debit ($$), and credit! ($$$)

  • Cash outfits generally consist of pieces from stores like Target, Forever 21, H&M, Kohls, etc.
  • Debit outfits range from Zara and Asos to department stores such as Macys
  • Credit… that explains it all. Those are the “investment piece” purchases that are so worth it, but can only be justified by telling yourself, “at least I’m getting credit card points or cash-back for my purchase.”

Occasionally I will use ratings like ‘cash+’ which means that almost everything is a bargain, but with the exception of one “investment piece” that is more expensive. There will be a lot of blurred lines, but I’m hoping that this rating system helps to give you a quick idea of what to expect price-wise. I think sometimes you’ll even be surprised.

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